The Prices

Jeff + Kristian + Ashton + Mallory

Kansas City, Missouri

The Prices serve at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO (IHOP-KC).  As full-time intercessory missionaries their primary occupation and function is ministry to Jesus through night and day worship and prayer. They stand petitioning for the light of Jesus Christ to shine into the darkness of this world and for the gospel of Jesus to spread to the nations through and by the entire church. Foundational to their work week is 25 hours of worship and intercession. From this place of prayer, works of compassion to the poor, widows, orphans, and victims of injustice flow through 25 hours of service and outreach.

Though their primary ministry is in the place of prayer and ministering unto the Lord, their ministry does include works of justice, evangelism, and preaching the gospel. As part of IHOP-KC, the Prices assist in training over 1000 students at IHOP-KC’s Bible college, help to host approximately 100,000 visitors each year at conferences, reach out to the lost through IHOP-KC’s 28 outreach ministries,  and broadcast over 14,000 hours of prayer and worship annually in 6 languages into 215 countries around the world.

All believers are all called to love Jesus and to have a prayer life, but He is specifically calling forth intercessors whose full time occupation is to stand in the gap and minister before Him. The foundational premise as an ‘Intercessory Missionary’ is Ephesians 6:12 which tells us that “…the battle which we are fighting is not again flesh and blood (things that we can see) but against principalities and powers in the heavenly realm”. This means that the battle against injustice, darkness, and for the lost is not primarily being fought in the natural realm, but rather it is taking place in the spirit realm where angels are warring against demons and principalities. “This is why we answer God’s call to prayer. This is our primary reason and motivation in serving Him as an intercessory missionary.”

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