Tammy moved to Asia in 1998, after graduating from Asbury Theological Seminary.  She is the founder and director of K-Project.

K-Project ministers through three main avenues:

1)  K CHILDREN’S HOME:   K-Homes was founded in 1999 in a large city in Asia. The team of three started by taking in two children whose mother had died, and father was sick with AIDS. Word spread fast, and within six months, they had virtually adopted twenty children, ages 2-10!! Their hands were full, but so were their hearts!

Over the years K-Homes has taken in other children from extreme circumstances.  The national staff of 12, 46 kids, and international volunteers make up the K-Home Family. K stands for the word ‘Grace’ in the language where Tammy and team are ministering, a country that is not very open to Christianity.  These children come from a wide variety of backgrounds. From street children to orphans to children whom have been abandoned, to children from AIDS-affected families, all find grace at K-Homes. The ministry exists to give children whom literally have no where else to go, a loving family and hope!!   K-Homes is a place where children without hope can find it. Not only will they find hope, but they will also find unconditional love, joy, peace, safety and many other blessings sometimes taken for granted.

The ultimate and absolute purpose of K- homes is to provide these children with loving care in the context of family, while consistently pointing them to the cross of Christ. Their vision is to raise up children radically committed to Jesus Christ, who, empowered by His Holy Spirit, will spread the good news and transform this region of the world! We are so excited that many of our older ones are doing just that in creative ways across this subcontinent!

2) FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAM:  K- Family Support Program (FSP)  supports over 130 children from single parent families in surrounding areas.  These families come from destitute desperate backgrounds. Most of the children in this program are fatherless and live at home with their widowed mother. K-Project supports these precious families through education, medical help, parent training workshops, relationship, and more.  K-Project believes in true empowerment and has equipped 8 of the single moms  in the FSP program to now lead in their communities, as jr. social workers with K-Project. These single moms are incredibly effective in transforming their own communities as we come alongside and try to encourage, they are the ones whom are able to speak life into their fellow single moms.   Many have come to Christ through this initiative.   They’ve witnessed many of  these children graduate college! Something that no one in their extended family has never dreamed of achieving! K-project is working hard to train other ministries and NGO’s in this region to move away from orphanage or children’s homes and towards keeping families together.  They’ve created a 3 day workshop/training module that currently is being used to replicate this movement throughout the country!  The heart of FSP is caring for the orphans and widows in their distress…..by working hard to keep them together!

3) SONS & DAUGHTERS:  The third area of ministry for Tammy and team is this newest endeavor.  Tammy is the founder and director of Sons and Daughters sending agency.  Sons and Daughters exists as a vehicle to partner with and send young people from the K-Homes/FSP community who feel called into full time ministry in this region of the world (10/40 window).  Indigenous transformative mission is at the heart of S & D.  Sons and Daughters trains, empowers, encourages and fully supports these ‘called ones’ so that they can fully engage with the work of reaching the lost in this region. Sons and Daughters currently supports 17 young people from our community ministering in difficult places in the 10/40 window!